The minibus that was transporting tourists to Shatili did not pass the technical inspection and was overloaded. How did the technical inspection impassable minibus move on our roads?

Not to mention enforcement, an important problem in the field of road safety is the uncoordinated work between state structures and redistributive responsibilities, which allows specific agencies to point the finger at another agency in each such accident. 

There are a lot of questions in the society, but the government is silent and no one has an answer as to what specific response will be given to this case, in order to avoid tragedies of this scale in the future.

This is possible only if the priority of the issue is raised to the level of the Prime Minister, as there is a Coordinating Council for the fight against Coronavirus, where all agencies are involved. This is necessary for the central and local governments to work in a coordinated manner and to solve the existing problems in a timely manner.