Gela Kvashilava, head of the NGO Partnership for Road Safety, believes that if the repeatedly mentioned shortcomings are not eliminated for a long time, we can assume that the technical inspection reform has failed in Georgia - "The pandemic has had a significant impact on this process as well, the inspection process was suspended, many facilities where a faulty car can be repaired were closed. The main challenge remains that there is no unified information system - when a car goes to one center and cannot pass the inspection, the other must see the result. Technical inspection does not only mean inspection at the centers, it also means roadside inspection and control. In every country there is a small mobile group that controls it on the road. If the car has been inspected at the center for certain manipulations, it must be a certain service to control and rule it out. It is very good to start the reform, but if challenges are not eliminated, the reform will not work and fail. "