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The project "Enhancing Civil Society Involvement in Mandatory Periodic Technical Inspection and Advocating European Standards" is implemented by the foundation “Partnership for Road Safety” with the support of the Open Society Foundations. The project aims to:

  •         Monitor the progress of periodic technical inspection reform;
  •          Increase citizen engagement through the web platform;
  •          Visualise statistics on an online map;
  •          Increase citizens' awareness;

 The main focus of the project is to monitor the reform of the peridoic technical inspections through civic engagement and deliver results-oriented recommendations to decision makers.

A special online platform has been created, the first part of which is a visual map showing all the periodic technical inspection centers in Georgia. Citizens can find the center on the map and provide information about various violations and gaps to the web-platform administrator. The information received will be checked by the platform administrator and reported to the non-governmental sector.

The second online map of the web platform will feature traffic accidents caused by vehicles with technical malfunctions. Special signs will be posted on the map where the traffic accident was reported, as well as information on how many people were injured and killed. The map will allow citizens and other stakeholders to see what the severity of the problem is and how important it is to prevent such traffic accidents.

Information on the operation of the platform and citizen engagement will be posted at all periodic inspection centers and much attention will be given to conducting an information campaign. The platform will include researches, publications, various informational materials (articles, photos, videos), legislation, tips, project activities and more.

Added 72 techs Inspection centers



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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of the periodic technical inspection reform?

The first phase of mandatory periodic technical inspection (PTI) reform came into force on January 1, 2018, and aims to: - approximate the standards of road transport in Georgia with the EU standards; - ensure the safety of the operation of vehicles and minimize the number of road accidents, environment and human damage caused by their technical malfunctions; - minimize emissions by fully inspecting the exhaust system during the full life of the vehicles and removing those vehicles that are major pollutants until they are brought into compliance with the relevant regulations.

Q: Why is citizen ngagement Important in Reform Monitoring process?

Public involvement in identifying and subsequently addressing road safety issues is crucial, and unfortunately, the growing problems of road safety in Georgia are partly due to inattention and leveling off of this problem. They are less involved in resolving these problems, which can cause harm to both them and the state. Ongoing observations often show a variety of approaches from inspection centers to different people, which often irritate drivers. Citizens expressing dissatisfaction in a variety of areas, including their social pages. With the inclusion of citizens on the platform, we hope that more disruptions and gaps will be identified.

Q: How is it possible for citizens to become involved in monitoring reform?

The web platform provides interactive citizen engagement. They will be able to find a specific technical inspection center on the map and report any violations or deficiencies related to it, indicating the required email address, citizens can upload photo/video material showing violations. The information received with the platform administrator will be validated and the problem will be reported to the non-governmental sector.

Q: What is the purpose of the road accident map of the platform?

Despite recent statistics and data refinements, we do not currently have information on road traffic accidents caused by vehicles with technical malfunctions. The frequency of road traffic accidents in different countries varies from 7% to 20%. In Georgia, almost 20% of road traffic accidents are reported as an unidentified cause.


Service your car, drive safely!

According to international research, road accidents are often caused by technical malfunctioning. To ensure road safety, it is necessary to regularly check the road roadworthiness of the following: • Brakes • Visibility system • Lights and electric system • Suspension parts • Engine

Service your car, and take care of the environment!

Technically malfunctioning vehicles worsen air pollution and endanger public health with the emission of toxic substances. The level of toxic emissions depends heavily on the engine’s technical condition. Therefore, we need to have more roadworthy engines to decrease harmful substances in the environment.


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